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Double Tap


Instagram has been dubbed 'king of social engagement.’

Instagram has been dubbed 'king of social engagement.' A photo speaks a thousand words and it seems like it's also getting us to double tap to our hearts content too. Research from Nate Elliot Forrester revealed that brands that post on Instagram achieve higher rates of engagement than other social platforms.

This is because at the moment, Instagram is less cluttered with brands flocking to utilise the site. In our 'on the go' culture, visually rich content makes it easier and faster for users to browse through endless photos and interesting user accounts, seeing content we would never see in our day to day surroundings.

Digital marketers are forever anxious about Facebook using it's algorithms to filter out brand content, which makes it a challenge to get your message heard. Instagram has no algorithms. Bonus.

Forrester also suggests that Instagram's younger users, average age 27, compared to Facebook's 40, are more drawn towards interacting with brands on social media.

"While Instagram has more than 200 million monthly active users, it attracts fewer people than Facebook and Twitter do," the report said. "Plus fewer marketers use Instagram, and those that do post less frequently. The result? Brands' Instagram posts don't have to fight through as much clutter to reach their followers."

So why do we double tap? It's because a photo has a certain personal element to it. Users appreciate it and understand that they have been given something of value by the brand. This sparks loyalty alongside brand recognition.

Guess what? We're now on Instagram…FOLLOW US and explore our digital world. We will value your double tap...

Blog by Harvy Matharu.